Roulette Wheel- What you need to know

The best wheel to play roulette on is European roulette. Whenever, you have a chance, you should always try to pay on a European wheel. Even while playing online, you can get the option of choosing wheels. You should always select European wheel. The reason is European roulette wheels have 38 slots whereas the American wheel just has 37. The American wheel increases your odds of winning.

Differences in the wheels

The numbers in both the wheels are distributed in different ways. However, they have been made such that there is no bias amongst the wheel. The odds, even, reds and blacks in both the wheels are the same. The only difference is that the American wheel has a ‘0’ slot. This means that you could lose 5.26% of your total stake money compares to the odds on a European wheel, where you could lose 2.7% of your stake money.

Playing on a European wheel is a good idea because while on an American wheel the odds of losing double when compared to a European or a French wheel. I have played in a lot of casinos around the world, but I make sure I play only on the European wheel.

Winning at roulette

First of all, when you are playing roulette, don’t start playing right away. First, spin the wheel for a couple of times. You would get to know whether it’s normal wheel or a biased wheel. Then, you should practice your roulette without actually betting. This will help you to understand whether you have got the hang of how it is played or not. If you feel you still haven’t, you could practice more before going for actual betting. Once you have started playing, you must know how much to bet. You should not bet too much, at once. The other thing to keep in mind is to withdraw the profit, as and when they come. The third thing is you should bet on the outside area. Lastly, make sure you have a definite strategy planned.

Know these Roulette trends

I am going to share a few roulette trends with you. I have played in many casinos and have observed many people commit the same mistakes or make the same moves over and over again. I have seen many strategies, some which have been successful and some which have failed terribly.

The Luck Factor

Roulette is always thought as being a game in which your luck is the most important. However, after observing a few people I can say it is not only luck which is important; the way you strategize your moves is equally important. When you come to think of it, the game is all about probability. Roulette is more predictable than cards. When you observe a roulette game carefully you will notice that the wheel does not simply give random results. There is always a pattern involved. These patterns are known as trends.

Different Patterns

One of the most common or the most noticeable patterns is the repetition pattern. You may notice that a particular color or even/odd numbers . These are what we call a non random pattern.

Another type of pattern is the chop pattern. In this, the numbers or colors may alternate. If a red slot runs then the next will be black and so on. In the case of numbers if an odd number runs then the next will be an even number.

The key thing is to identify these patterns.

Roulette Wheel

Roulette wheel is a game which has many of the people hooked worldwide. A very popular game in the casinos, it is full of mystery and surprise. It’s in built in the human nature to beat all odds and win. This basic instant is what makes this game so popular. Hence, this game has seen some really bad predictions unlike any other game.

People play this game for various reasons. Some play it for the thrill, so play for the kick they get by betting against the odds and winning. People also try to use various tactics to win the game. Some, who know about the biased wheel, try to identify one in every casino they visit. They try to look for any wheel which doesn’t look quite like a normal roulette wheel should look. So, the ones among you who haven’t heard about a’ biased wheel’ might be scratching their heads thinking what this is. The answer is very simple; a biased wheel is one which is now defected owing to wear and tear due to the number of years it was in use. A biased wheel might also be biased because of a defect while manufacturing. A biased wheel is generally biased towards a particular number or color, meaning it might land on that number or color more often than it would on any other. It is a very big advantage for anyone who has identified it and knows what it is biased towards. The best way to identify a biased wheel is to look at others play and observe the wheel carefully.


Now, after knowing a little more about roulette wheels, let’s get into the history of it. Many people might not know this, but roulette wheel originated in France. The game basically involves individual or multiple players betting against each other on various colors or numbers, red or black slots/ odd or even numbers respectively. Then the wheel is spun and the ball slips into any of the 37 slots. If it falls in any of the slots you bet on, then you win.

Getting an Advantage

One way of getting an advantage while playing a roulette wheel game is biased wheel. But it is not the only one. You can use the betting system to get some advantage. The best advantage anyone can have in a roulette wheel game is knowledge. There are two areas where you can bet, the inside area and the outside area. The inside area is used for single bets and outside area is used for group bets.