Roulette Wheel- What you need to know

The best wheel to play roulette on is European roulette. Whenever, you have a chance, you should always try to pay on a European wheel. Even while playing online, you can get the option of choosing wheels. You should always select European wheel. The reason is European roulette wheels have 38 slots whereas the American… Read More »

Know these Roulette trends

I am going to share a few roulette trends with you. I have played in many casinos and have observed many people commit the same mistakes or make the same moves over and over again. I have seen many strategies, some which have been successful and some which have failed terribly. The Luck Factor Roulette… Read More »

Roulette Wheel

Roulette wheel is a game which has many of the people hooked worldwide. A very popular game in the casinos, it is full of mystery and surprise. It’s in built in the human nature to beat all odds and win. This basic instant is what makes this game so popular. Hence, this game has seen… Read More »